Seymour Online Learning Center
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The district recognizes that learning takes place in a variety of situations, environments and locations. We acknowledge online education as an appropriate instructional delivery system for some students. Online education is a method by which the district can enhance or expand course offerings and provide another appropriate educational alternative to meet the learning needs of a diverse population of students.

This school year, we are servicing two different student groups:

1) On-Campus Students grades 10-12 who regularly attend Seymour Community High School or the Alternative High School. These students may take a supplementary course online for the reasons of enrichment, schedule conflict, future course planning or credit recovery.

2) Off-Campus Students grades 10-12 who live in the Seymour School District. Students may be enrolled either on a:

  • part-time basis (1 or 2 virtual classes per semester) and are homeschooled for the remainder of their courseload OR
  • full-time basis (6 virtual classes per semester). (Families may choose to supplement their child's courseload with other private education courses). Full-time enrollment grants opportunities for the student to participate in WIAA sponsored sports offered in the District.

Our Online Learning Center will enhance learning for students by providing learning options including:

  • Relevant courses in flexible locations using an accommodating time schedule
  • High quality, interactive courses aligned to state and national standards
  • More than 70 different course options
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses not already offered at Seymour Community High School (grades 11-12 only)
  • The experience of online learning in preparation for future training in post-secondary education work and environments
  • A solution for schedule conflicts, homebound, home based learners, adjudication, truancy, expulsions, teen parents and other special needs
  • Semester courses for credit deficient students and others unable to successfully participate in a traditional setting

If you have any questions regarding the Seymour Online Learning Center, please contact:

Students Whose Last Name Begins With A-L:
Theresa VanDyke
(920) 833-2306 ext. 432

Students Whose Last Name Begins With M-Z:
Amie Secor
(920) 833-2306 ext. 433

Local Education Guide (LEG):
Carrie Schmidt
(920) 833-2306 ext. 421


  • Seymour Community School District
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  • Seymour Community School District
  • 10 Circle Drive Seymour, WI 54165
  • Phone: See School homepage