Career Development
Career Development
SCSD Rationale for Career Development:
In order for students to have a successful transition from middle school to high school, high school to work, post secondary education, or the military, instruction in career development is necessary. Students need a structured framework in selecting educational programs and careers that will lead to personal satisfaction. Career awareness, exploring, planning, and management provide the stages for educators to prepare youth to enter their chosen occupations.
A comprehensive career awareness and exploration plan should include self and career awareness at the elementary level. Students at this level should be introduced to careers in the community and region; examine relationships between learning and working; explore opportunities of various careers; and investigate the inter-relationship of life roles, life styles, and careers.
Students at the middle school level should explore career options in various fields. They need to examine the requirements for a variety of careers; demonstrate knowledge of inter-relationship of life roles, life styles, and careers; examine the relationship of educational achievement to career findings in terms of interest and abilities. Prior to the Grade 8 Thunder Talk Conference, students should have developed an initial Individual Learning Plan, which matches their current interests.

 Learning Styles:

Word Smart: I enjoy reading and writing, memorizing information, talking and building my vocabulary. I do well at typical school tasks in which talking and listening lead to successful learning outcomes.

Number Smart: I use numbers and math concepts with ease. I understand cause-and-effect, I enjoy abstract reasoning and I’m often drawn to the sciences. I am fascinated by how things work, and I love games, riddles, and computers. I recognize patterns and often find unusual ways to solve problems, even though I may not be able to show my work or explain how I arrived at my solution. Because I’m number smart, I need abstractions to be tied to real-life scenarios. I also need mnemonics and visual and graphic organizers.

Picture Smart: I can easily represent artistically what I perceive visually. I am very skilled at taking things apart and reassembling them. Because I’m picture smart, I need to see videos, films or other visual representations of what I need to learn. Visual and graphic organizers would also help me. It would also help me if there were colorful posters, illustrations and charts around the classroom. I learn best if there are hands-on materials and field trips.

Music Smart: I innately hear tone and pitch; I have a highly developed sense of rhythm, which I may tap out at all hours with any kind of stick, from a drumstick to a pencil. I love to sing and may hum while I work. Because I’m music smart, I need to use music and rhythm to demonstrate what I have learned. An example of this would be when learning history to use a specific period or era by studying its music.

Body Smart: I enjoy training my body to do its physical best. I need frequent opportunities to move, and I usually love games where movement is involved. I am very adept at manipulating objects. I can accurately mimic others’ gestures or mannerisms. I learn best when I can feel or experience what needs to be learned. Because I am body smart, I learn best when I can have hands-on activities. It would also help to have learning materials that invite me to get physical.

People Smart: I work well with others and lead others. I easily perceive and respond to others’ moods and feelings. Because I’m people smart, I learn best by working in groups. I also learn best when I take a leadership role in those groups.

Self Smart: I understand myself much better than others may understand me. I am highly motivated to be true to my goals and I am not overly concerned about what other people think of me. I learn best when I can connect what I need to learn to some personal memory. Because I’m self smart, I learn best when I work independently and when I can set and accomplish my goals. I also work best when I can choose my own topics or projects.

Nature Smart: I have an outstanding knowledge of things that exist in the natural world, such as plants and animals. I carefully observe whatever catches my interest. Because I’m nature smart, I learn best when I can be the record keeper or if I can build or draw something that I need to learn instead of reading about it and discussing it.

Career Clusters:

  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster
  2. Architecture and Construction Career Cluster
  3. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications Career Cluster
  4. Business Management and Administration Career Cluster
  5. Education and Training Career Cluster
  6. Finance Career Cluster
  7. Government and Public Administration Career Cluster
  8. Health Science Career Cluster
  9. Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster
  10. Human Services Career Cluster
  11. Information Technology Career Cluster
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Career Cluster
  13. Manufacturing Career Cluster
  14. Marketing Career Cluster
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Career Cluster
  16. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Career Cluster


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