Welcome to Seymour Middle School

2015-16 Calendar of Events

August 17-21 7/8th Grade School Year Jump Start (8:00 - 11:30 am)
August 18-19 6th Grade Band Lessons
August 19 6th Grade Transition Camp (12-4:30 students/4-5:30 parents) 
August 25

8th Grade Football Equipment Pick-up (9-10)

7th Grade Football Equipment Pick-up (10-11)

August 26

7/8th Grade Open House (3:45-5:30 pm)

7/8th Grade Fall Sports/Activities Meeting (5:30 pm)

September 1

Students First Day

1st Day of Practice: Cross Country & Football

September 2 1st Day of Practice for Volleyball
September 3

SMS Picture Day

Fundraiser Kick Off

September 7 No School - Labor Day
September 17  Fundraiser Ends
October 7 Fundraiser Delivery
October 12-20 Book Fair
October 15 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences 5-8:30 pm
October 19 No School - Afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 20 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 pm
October 23 Picture Re-Take Day
November 4 End Q1
November 5 Start Q2
November 13 No School
November 25-27  No School - Holiday Break
December 24 - January 1  No School - Holiday Break
January 21 End Q2/S1
January 22 Start Q3/S2
February 15 No School
February 25 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences
February 26 No School - Afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 7-11 No School - Spring Break
March 25 No School
April 5 End Q3
April 6 Start Q4
May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 3 Teacher Appreciation Day
May 30 No School - Memorial Day
June 8 Students Last Day



Parents, please be aware of your child's meal account balance.  Students' meal accounts are not allowed to go into the negative.

To help stay informed, you can choose to be notified by email whenever your child's meal account gets low.  Go to your child's PowerSchool account and click on "Email Notification".  Choose "Balance Alert", choose "Daily", and add your email address.  You will receive a Balance Alert once your child's meal account gets low.

Reminder to parents!  One milk is included with your child's meal.  If your child wants an extra milk or a milk to go with cold lunch, $.30 is charged to your child's account.  This applies to regular, reduced and free lunch student.


Breakfast is served in the SMS lunchroom daily from 7:35-8:00 am.  Students can choose from two cold items or one hot item, and also grab juice or a piece of fruit and milk with each meal.  Check out the menu at the 'Breakfast and Lunch Menu' link on the left side of this page, then choose 'Breakfast Menu'.  The SMS menu will be the second set of menu items listed. 
Students interested in breakfast can come in the main SMS doors near the lunchroom as early as 7:35 am. Breakfast is available for all students. (Breakfast prices:  $1.25/regular or $0.30/reduced.) If you qualify for free lunch, you also qualify for free breakfast.  Come join us!

  • Seymour Community School District
  • 10 Circle Drive Seymour, WI 54165
  • Phone: (920) 833-2306
  • Fax: (920) 833-7608
  • Seymour Community School District
  • 10 Circle Drive Seymour, WI 54165
  • Phone: (920) 833-2306
  • Fax: (920) 833-7608