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Scholarship Name Category Due Date Amount
Essay 6/12/2017 $1,000
Essay 6/30/2017 $500.00
Ethnicity Specific 5/31/2017 VARIES
Miscellaneous 7/15/2017 $500.00 TO $2,500
General 6/1/2017 $22,000 to $850.00
Major Specific 6/2/2017 $1,000.00
General 6/19/2017 $500.00
Ethnicity Specific 9/24/2020 varies
Miscellaneous 5/31/2017 $2,500.00
Cosmetology 8/1/2017 $1,000
FVTC 8/30/2019 Varies
General 6/15/2017 maximum award amout of $2,500.00
Miscellaneous 9/1/2022 varies
Cosmetology 7/1/2017 5/$1,000.00
Major Specific 10/31/2017 Up to $30,000 per year in paid tuition
Miscellaneous 6/30/2017 $1,000.00
General 6/30/2018 varies
Essay 5/30/2017 7/$1,000

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Free Scholarship Search
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Free Scholarship Search
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Local Scholarships Letter of Application
Seymour Community High School students who are applying for local scholarships will need to complete a Letter of Application and return it with other application requirements. program is supported by the Gates Foundation and is completely free for students and high schools. Their mission is to increase student engagement and motivation by breaking traditional scholarships (typically awarded at the end of high school) into a series of small, attainable goals and making the path to college more tangible for students.
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Vocational Scholarships and Grants
Accredited Schools Online guide (Funding Your Vocational Degree) to financial aid for vocational students. This guide includes an list of scholarships and resources to help students pay for school, including information on applying for grants and scholarships broken down by type.
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