Mission Statement

Art is an integral part of elementary education. As part of the general learning process, art balances the curriculum to develop the whole intellect. This includes the right hemisphere of the brain which encourages self-expression, creative problem solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. The School District of Seymour’s Art Program encourages appreciation of aesthetics, group and individual creativity, communication, knowledge and understanding of cultures, aesthetic literacy, and analytical thinking such as experiences in art criticism and appreciation. These qualities in our Fine Arts Program will develop the most important needs of our balanced society.

Outcomes of a Quality Art Program:

  • Often, children enjoy their overall school experience more because art touches on areas not addressed in other classes. Being able to make art is very important to many children, and some may attend school more regularly when there is a good art program.
  • It is often during art instruction that children have opportunities to express ideas, opinions, and judgments, either through their own art production or discussion of other works. In art class, children are often praised for the uniqueness of their work rather than its uniformity to a predetermined standard or response. In art, for example, each student might successfully complete an assignment based on the concept of "landscape," but each student's landscape painting is unique.


Program Performance Goals:

  • Experience different art techniques and skills
  • Develop aesthetic sensitivity and appreciation
  • Experience varied and abundant oportunity for creativity and personal expression
  • Develop a sense of personal worth which is derived from creating original art works
  • Develop knowledge of art appreciation--this will help them to see parallels between themselves and past and present cultures
  • Develop personal initiatives, self-expression and original thinking at the individual's level of development
  • Develop visual, tactile, and emotional awareness of the student's environment
  • Develop skills and personal satisfaction in quality design and craftmanship
  • Develop flexible problem solving skills through creative thinking

 Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life...Pablo Picasso

  • Seymour Community School District
  • 10 Circle Drive Seymour, WI 54165
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  • Seymour Community School District
  • 10 Circle Drive Seymour, WI 54165
  • Phone: See School homepage