Expected Guided Reading Levels, Grades K-2


End of Kindergarten:  Level B

Beginning of First Grade:  Level C

End of 1st Qtr. of First Grade:  Level D

End of 2nd Qtr. of First Grade:  Level F

End of 3rd Qtr. of First Grade: Level G/H

End of 4th Qtr. of First Grade:  Level I

Mid-year, Second Grade:  Level L

End of Second Grade:  Level N

These levels are here for your information.  The levels are marked on the back of the guided reading books your child is taking home.  At times, there will be variances (your child may take home an occasional higher-or lower-level book than their level), but the book level they take home most frequently is "where they're at." We use the guidelines listed above to determine how to mark your child's report card, with "Below Level," "At Level," or "Above Level."

This page, and a page called, "Skills and Strategies to Reinforce Reading," are available anytime on Mrs. Biese's home page of the school district website.  :)